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A Reflection of Immigrant Women Building Healthy Relationships

MIRRORS is an on-going 12-week group program focusing on healing from abuse and learning about healthy relationships. The program was developed based on community stakeholder feedback for immigrant and refugee women impacted by domestic abuse / family violence / gender-based violence. The program offers a safe place in which to gather knowledge, break isolation, learn tools for wellness and healthy relationships, as well as of services and resources, and to build up support.

MIRRORS is facilitated by 1 Lead Facilitator and 1 Support Facilitator. In certain weeks, a guest speaker has some time to present, for example, Winnipeg Policy Service.

Inclusive components of MIRRORS:

  • FREE

  • Healthy suppers are served at the start of each of the 12 weeks

  • Childcare is provided

  • Bus tickets are provided

  • Interpreters are available for participants who cannot speak fluent English

Throughout the 12 weeks, the following Topics and Activities are covered:

  • Building Safety and Trust

  • Understanding the Different Behaviours and Impacts of Abuse

  • The Cycle of Violence

  • Intuition, Emotions, and Boundaries

  • Reframing Assumptions and Beliefs about Women and Abuse

  • Trauma Awareness and Resilience

  • Abuse vs Relationship Belief Systems

  • Building Relationships of Trust

  • Safety and Support Systems

  • Grieving, Losses, and Rebuilding

  • Guest Speakers:

    • Winnipeg Police Service

    • Immigrant Women's Counselling Services

    • Other guest speakers

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MIRRORS Contact Form
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