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Directed Empowerment

Support for Immigrant Women Impacted by Domestic Abuse

DIRECTED EMPOWERMENT provides 1-on-1 psychosocial and practical support services to immigrant women impacted by domestic abuse. SHADE case workers directly support clients based on individual needs assessments.

Inclusive components of DIRECTED EMPOWERMENT:

  • FREE

  • Flexible meeting times and locations

  • Transportation to meetings

  • Interpreters are available for clients who cannot speak fluent English

Psychosocial Support:

  • Confidential and professional guidance

  • Trauma counselling

  • Addressing mental, physical, and social issues

Practical Support

  • Accessing public and private services (housing, financial assistance, transportation)

  • Education and employment readiness

  • Children school enrolment and daycare

  • Awareness of legal supports and information

  • Advocacy communicating with other agencies

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DE Contact Form
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Send us a message if you are interested in joining DIRECTED EMPOWERMENT

or if you want to refer someone who may benefit from the program.

Message received! Someone will contact you.
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