Gift Card Campaign

Dr Wendy Aujla and SHADE team up

Dr Wendy Aujla is the founder of an annual gift card campaign that helps EMPOWER families to REBUILD their lives free from domestic abuse.

The campaign started, in 2013, at her kitchen table over wine and cheese! She invited friends and family to drop off a grocery store gift card to support women and children at WIN House during the holidays. Since then, the event has grown significantly, with the collection of online funds to help purchase gift cards. She has raised $32,373.25 in gift cards from 2013 to 2021. The gift cards supported families accessing services at WIN House a non-profit agency, in Edmonton, Alberta, operating three shelters, WIN 1, WIN II, and Carol’s House.


This year, Dr Aujla has teamed up with SHADE with 2022 proceeds going to SHADE clients impacted by domestic abuse.

A gift card helps immigrant women and their children rebuild their lives during and after accessing SHADE’s programs and services. The campaign is unique and supports many families in various ways. Rather than donating actual food or household items, the ask is that you donate gift cards from local stores (e.g., grocery stores such as No Frills, Giant Tiger, Superstore, Safeway, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, FreshCo or any other accessible and affordable place). This provides families with the freedom to select food based on their dietary needs, the opportunity to shop for necessities (e.g., an air mattress or baby formula) and the empowerment to purchase what else they may need beyond household items. You may also wish to donate any unused/unwanted gift cards or provide a gift card to a restaurant, Cineplex movie theatre, coffee shop, bookstore, or local clothing store.

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3 Ways to Donate


1. Donate Online

2. Mail

  • Mail in a gift card

    • Insert a note in the envelope with the gift cards, indicating that you are supporting Wendy’s 10th Annual Gift Card Campaign


      • SHADE Winnipeg

      • PO BOX 49117 Garden City

      • Winnipeg, MB R2V 4G8

3. In Person

Tax Receipt Information

Tax receipts for 2022 are available for donations of $20 and higher received before December 31, 2022.

For mail and in-person donations, please provide the gift card receipt, and provide your contact information (full name, address, and email/phone number).

Help spread the message using social media! Follow Dr Aujla at @waujla on Twitter or @wendya12 on Instagram for updates on the campaign. Use hashtags #BuildingResilience and #30daystoSHADE.