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S.H.A.D.E. (Safe Housing and Directed Empowerment) 

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Let's work together to end violence against women
Together, we can help immigrant and refugee women and children impacted by domestic abuse/ family violence.

We are looking to build meaningful working relationships with organizations to address the problem of domestic abuse and family violence in Winnipeg. The needs of women and children leaving violent home situations include housing, health, learning, employment, and social inclusion.  SHADE is a new Second Stage Housing initiative that, when open, will accept referrals, to meet the needs of our diverse ethnocultural community in confidential, respectful, and culturally sensitive ways. Addressing these needs now will help generations of families to be healthy, confident, and empowered.

We are seeking companies who want to be a part of building something from the ground up - that something being SHADE's first residence. A project like this requires both human and financial resources.


You and your staff can make a difference in the lives of vulnerable immigrant and refugee women and children in Winnipeg and be a part of an initiative that will have a lasting impact. 


We look forward to setting up an initial meeting.